Brookwood and Brookwood Hills during the Holidays

December 18, 2009
A beautiful part of Atlanta’s Buckhead community during the holiday season is Brookwood.
Living Room of 100 26th Street during holiday

Living Room of 100 26th Street during holiday

100 26th Street in Brookwood neighborhood
100 26th St in Brookwood neighborhood


Brookwood is bound on the north by Collier Rd, on the east by Peachtree Road, and I-75/85 is to the south and west. From this central location along the Peachtree Road ridge in the southern part of Atlanta’s Buckhead area, Brookwood is convenient to Midtown and has excellent interstate access.  Brookwood’s old growth trees and diverse architecture make a lovely and walkable area.  Brookwood’s residential streets include 26th Street, 28th Street, Ardmore Circle, Ardmore Road, Anjaco Road and other streets. Major buildings include The Brookwood (condos), the Piedmont Hospital Complex, 1776 Peachtree, 1819 Peachtree, just to name a few. The neighborhoods of Collier Hills and Underwood Hills are to the west and run off Collier Road
Brookwood Hills is located across Peachtree road – east of Brookwoood, only a few miles away from the skyscrapers of Atlanta’s major business districts. Brookwood Hills is connected by three entrances (Brighton Road, Palisades Road, and Huntington Road) to Peachtree Road, and has no other outlet. Brookwood Hills is bordered roughly by Peachtree on the west, Interstate 85 on the south, the Norfolk Southern train tracks (just south of Peachtree Creek) to the north, and Clear Creek to the east. 



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